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Rynea Williams



Health & Wellness

Community Involvement 

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Buffalo NY.

Rynea Williams, Buffalo NY.

Rynea Williams, a Registered Nurse, had a 35+ yr. a career with the Erie Co. Health Dept. when she retired in 2009. She started as a Public Health Nurse, doing home visitations, immunization and Well Baby clinics, Long Term HHC, Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention. She eventually became a Nurse Coordinator of several programs during her tenure.

She graduated from D'Youville College with a Master's degree in Community Health Nursing in both Nursing Education and Nursing Management in 1996. She most enjoyed working with children and that love for "little people" carried over into her faith-based activities.

Williams is a Sunday School teacher, having been certified through the Progressive National Baptist Convention in 1989 and worked with Junior & Senior HS students specializing in Bible studies and Curriculum development. She currently participates with the Youth Dept. of NMTATOP, as a Sunday School teacher, Scholarship Program and Youth Church advisor. She is a Health educator for RNB Consultants.

Her hobbies include singing, traveling,  writing,   history reading. As a lover of people,  Ms. Williams believes that being an encourager is one of the world 's greatest virtues. She has one son, Brandon, 4 grandchildren, and 4 great grand's.

"If GOD be for us, who can be against us?" Rom. 8:31.

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