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Who We Are

T O P Enterprises Inc, a non-profit community development corporation with a mission to



The board of directors is made up of members of different educational backgrounds and expertise, but with a common goal, provide economic stability, and improve the quality of life for individuals in designated communities.


To achieve its goal, the group began with a SWOT Analysis to determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The SWOT provides a baseline and elements of interest for the development. In determining the overall outcome, they then utilized a PEST Analysis, which considers political, economic, social, and technological factors.


T O P uses these factors to effectively determine the best design approach to the development, aiming ultimately to provide sustainable and walkable neighborhoods. Buffalo, a city undergoing an economic renaissance, realizes that change is most effective when it includes all people from the various communities in the city, particularly underdeveloped areas. T O P's goal is to improve the quality of life for people residing in these areas. 

This development benefits the entire city, increasing the number of Viable Neighborhoods!

TOP Enterprises Inc.

Buffalo NY.

Board Members - Officers 

Paula McDonald Buffalo NY.

Paula McDonald


Specialities: finance, planning, project development, job readiness & programming 

Curtis Anthony Grant Buffalo NY.

Curtis Anthony Grant


Specialities: public relations, project development

Hawwae Wajed Buffalo NY.

Hawwao Wajed 


Specialities: real estate, finance 

Rynea Williams Buffalo NY.

Rynea Williams


Specialities: finance, health & wellness, community involvement 

Mary Clavell Buffalo NY.

Mary Clavell

Sergeant at arms

Specialities: health & wellness, community involvement 

Our Project 

T O P realizes the root of all community development projects is in the Community.

The essential characteristics of a vibrant community go beyond its economy, according to McMillan and Chauis (1998).

MEMBERSHIP: To feel welcomed.

INFLUENCE: To have a say on things affecting you, appreciated, and respected.

FULFILLMENT: To meet the needs of the whole person, provide goods, services, recreation, and social

interaction activities.

SHARED EMOTIONAL CONNECTION: To enable quality interactions within the Community.

Taking these factors into consideration we at T O P have established a plan to develop a state of the art facility to engage, influence, build people and build the community! In addition, we are actively involving the community through various events. 

Four Factors Make Communities Great:

TOP Enterprises Inc. Buffalo NY.
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