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Bishop Dwight E. Brown



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Bishop Dwight Brown, Buffalo NY.


Bishop Dwight E. Brown - is the Pastor of New Mt. Ararat Temple of Prayer, the Presiding Prelate of the Dunamis Covenant Fellowship of Churches and the Western New York Interdominational Council of Bishops.

He is a member of the Joint College of African American Pentecostal Bishops of Cleveland, Ohio under the leadership of Archbishop J. Delano Ellis.  Bishop Brown is also the Establishmentaian of the Temple of Prayer Youth and Family Outreach Ministry, Temple of Prayer Fine Arts Institute, Temple of Prayer Enterprises Inc., Temple of Prayer Spiritual Equipping & Ministry Institute and Sons of the King Ministry.


He is married to his wife Renee of over thirty (30) years and the father of four (4) children and the grandfather of six (6) grandchildren.


The Ministry:

Bishop Brown is a true Pastoral Shepherd with an authentic Apostolic anointing who genuinely loves and serves the sheep of the Lord's Pasture.

The Message:

Bishop Brown is known as a "No Nonsense" preacher and the word is delivered with clarity and simplicity, graced by the gift of teaching.

The Mission:

His mission is to glorify God by fulfilling all that God has given him to do and model the lifestyle of Holiness.

The Mandate:

To Prepare the Lord's People for His Return.

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