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Buffalo NY.

Mary Clavell


Health & Wellness

Community Involvement

Mary Clavell, Buffalo NY.

A life long Buffalo resident raised in downtown Buffalo; educated in the Buffalo Public School system. Mary Clavell began her spiritual journey at  Friendship Baptist Church under the leadership of the late E.D. McNeeley and the late Reverend A. Charles Ware. Her continual spiritual growth for 2 decades is under the spiritual leadership of Bishop Dwight E. Brown of New Mt Ararat Temple of Prayer. Raised by God-fearing parents who migrated North from the south - her parents instilled in her and her 5 siblings the value of serving/giving, Mary has embodied this spirit and gift of serving in her personal and professional life. As a career licensed clinical social worker, Mary has served individuals in the Buffalo community for 36 years and has served as a Board member of T.O.P. Enterprises Inc. for more than a decade. Mary's  36 years of service to residents of the Buffalo community encompass service to children,  families & adults within the realm of child welfare and mental health services.


Mrs. Clavell, Lcsw- R currently fills the position of a psychiatric social worker with Erie County Medical Center providing trauma-focused therapies to adults with various mental health issues most stemming from traumatic life occurrences. 

Clavell believes all individuals have strengths and rights and considers it a privilege to work with individuals in realizing and developing their strengths and utilizing their human rights in accessing community resources -  thus improving their quality of life  - i.e. "Build People Build Community ".  In line with her knowledge & perception of needed accessible community resources Mrs. Clavell also is a resource for mental health support as a private practitioner; operating a private practice providing clinical mental health support to adults. With a strong conviction for social justice (human rights and equity to every individual ) Mrs. Clavell has been an advocate in various systems including education, judicial  & health. She's a woman of faith, which is at the helm of her core beliefs  & morals.


Mrs. Clavell is a wife, proud mother & grandmother. In her Christian walk, Clavell believes in expanding her knowledge in biblical studies in addition to her professional dedication to expanding clinical skills and knowledge with the objective to sustain efficacy in her service to individuals. Her 36-year journey of providing support to residents of our community has developed her sensitivity and empathy to the underserved and feels a responsibility to provide continual professional support in assisting individuals to overcome internal and external oppression. She's a woman of humility, with an empathic perspective of human rights and human needs. Her core personal & professional values entail humility and empathy which she believes are essential to making human bonds that develop into strong prosperous relationships.

Holistic health encompassing the mind, body, and spirit she advises professionally as well as personally to individuals. Mrs. Clavell sees her work as a professional in the total alignment of her spiritual beliefs and practice as a Christian.

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